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Competence for Sustainability ,
Frankfurt, GERMANY
DQS CFS GmbH offers objective assessments according to recognized international standards and technical or industry-specific specifications. The company, as a part of the worldwide DQS Group, is located in Frankfurt/Main and handles all certification services concerning aspects of consumer safety and sustainability.</p> <p>Under the management of Dr. Sied Sadek, DQS CFS focuses primarily on the consumer goods industry, including food and feed, consumer products, textiles and cosmetics. All essential management requirements are covered by an assessment range of about 40 standards and legal regulations asked of today’s manufacturers, logistics companies and the trade throughout the entire supply chain.


Management Systems Certification Body
Frankfurt, GERMANY
The Audit Company. Three words that stand for what we are and what we do: we are audit specialists. Our focus: the way organizations are managed and organized, that is: people, systems, and processes. Our goal: to provide management with concrete indicators for action. What does that mean? It means that as a result of our audits, we supply the people responsible with insights, information, and impulses. That we identify strengths and potential, and illustrate options for action. Whether or not, for example, necessary processes are under control, or where they are ineffective or over-regulated. More than anything, though, it means one thing: to be a partner – and not an inspector. Because for us, audits mean far more than simply working through checklists, or declaring conformity. And because that is so, this website contains a very detailed description of just how we design our audits for you: our audit philosophy.

DQS Medizinprodukte GmbH

DQS Medizinprodukte GmbH
Frankfurt, GERMANY
DQS Medizinprodukte GmbH offers you as an independent and competent management partner of enterprise of every size and in all branches objective assessments in accordance with recognized standards and technical or industry-specific regulations. The company, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, focuses as a part of the worldwide operating DQS group as the only major certifier on the assessment and certification of management systems in enterprises and organizations. Already in 1995, the DQS competence centre for medical devices has been accredited as a notified body by the ZLG / ZLS and thus has been active for nearly 20 years in the field of medical devices approval and management system certification in the health sector. In 2008, due to the increased demands of the market - not just directed at manufacturers and retailers but also at certifiers - the DQS group decided to realign structurally and personnel in this market segment and thus founded the wholly owned subsidiary DQS Medizinprodukte GmbH. In the meantime, the company serves more than 1,200 customers. DQS Medizinprodukte GmbH is globally committed to the sustainable success of companies by the value-adding auditing of management systems and the approval of medical devices. Many years of proven services in the areas of quality / risk management in healthcare and medical product safety form the main focus here. DQS Medizinprodukte GmbH is a competent partner of the management, who makes an important contribution to the sustainable success of their clients.


DQS BIT GmbH is the certification company for the education and IT industry.
Bad Wörishofen, GERMANY
DQS BIT GmbH sees itself as a sector-specific certifier for the future sectors "education" and "information technology". We have worked on industry-experienced auditors, who mostly still have to cope with the challenges of the practice in their respective sectors on a daily basis. The main focus here is that the auditors at DQS BIT GmbH evaluate the processes in accordance with standards and practice and give you agile impulses for your further development. An important basic value is the fair handling of our customers. As a result of the rapid development in the markets of education and information technology, DQS BIT GmbH has set itself the goal of introducing new trends in the audit procedures and always placing the focus of the audits at the forefront of practice. Our corporate values are legal certainty, practicality and sufficient agility to cope with the requirements for certification requirements in the future together with you. Of course, the requirements of the Dakks accreditation are always taken as a basis here - our motto in education and IT is to provide you with the certainty that your systems and processes are fit for the future.